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Measuring changes everything

Maximize your production and tap into major savings
with the »smile 420« and the »venturion 450« solutions.

Setting you up for success

When the competition is tough, you need every possible advantage to stay ahead.

Accurately measuring your tools with the »smile 420« or »venturion 450« gives you that extra edge.

Extend the life of your tools, maximize the value of your CNC machines and produce a higher quality product.

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Extend tool life

Tool geometries and dimensions are translated into precise tool data. The CNC machine then uses the tool efficiently and with minimal wear.

Reduce setup times

Measurement on a presetting and measuring machine is faster and more precise than measurement in a CNC machine. Setup times are reduced because tools arrive at the machine ready to go.

Increase precision

Precisely measured tools enable you to produce higher quality parts for customers. That's true even if the materials are demanding and the structures are complex.

Reliably transfer data

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines can transfer tool measurement data to the CNC machine quickly and without any errors.

Annual savings potential per CNC machine*

20000 USD

*Calculated for 20 tool changes with 3 minute changeover times, 200 working days per year, one shift per day and a $100 hourly machine rate


Measuring changes everything. Increase the potential of your production.

»smile 420«

A must-have for tool presetting and measuring tools and seamless data transfer to the CNC machine.

»venturion 450«

The premium system for micron-precise measuring and outstanding, data-based process reliability right up to the CNC machine.

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