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Measure changes everything

With »smile 420« and »venturion 450« you can turn potential into economic success.

Tool as a success factor

When competition is tough, potential can no longer be allowed to lie dormant. Only if you measure your tools with exact precision will you be able to fully utilise their potential and that of your CNC machines.

With »smile 420« or »venturion 450«, your tools are excellently measured when they arrive at the machine. We are certain that this will have a positive impact on your production.

Arrange 1:1 expert meeting

Extend tool life

Tool geometries and dimensions are translated into precise tool data. The CNC machine uses the tool in an efficient and wear-friendly manner.

Reduce setup times

Measurement on the presetting and measuring machine is faster and more precise than measurement in the machine. Setup times are reduced because tools arrive at the machine ready to go.

Increase precision

With exact measurements of your tools, you can impress your customers even with demanding materials or complex structures on the component.

Networked working

Reliable data transfer included: Your ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine can transfer the measurement data of a tool to the control of your CNC machine without errors.

Scalable savings potential per CNC machine per year*:

15000 €

* Calculated for 20 tool changes per 3 min. changeover time, 200 working days/year and one shift per day, machine hour €75 each.


Measuring changes everything. Increase the potential of your production.

»smile 420«

The gateway to height efficiency gains with precise setting and measurement data for your CNC machines.

»venturion 450«

The premium class for µm-precise setting and measuring as well as outstanding, data-based process reliability right up to the CNC machine.

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