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Zeroing in on efficiency

The »zidCode« is your solution to zero errors when handling tool data. Increase safety and efficiency in your production processes with automated data transfer.

Data transfer is vital to success

The formula for your success starts with eliminating anything that compromises quality or security. With ZOLLER, you don't have to compromise anything.

The »zidCode« automates data transfer in your production processes. That means zero errors, zero time lost and zero crashes due to incorrect tool data.

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Zero errors

The »zidCode« feeds data output from the presetting and measuring machine directly into the CNC machine's control system without errors. That means you can produce a good part the first time and every time.

Zero loss of time

Manually inputting numbers requires time and concentration. Automate this time-consuming process and eliminate the possibility of errors with the »zidCode«. Elevate your efficiency with the combination of ZOLLER »idChip« technology and »zidCode 4.0«.

Zero downtime

With correct tool data, you minimize machine downtime, avoid costly crashes and extend tool life. That means your production runs smoothly and you have fewer part rejections.

Zero effort

The »zidCode« easily integrates with many CNC machine control systems, thanks to its plug-and-play design and intuitive software that guides the user through all the steps. For data transfer, the »zidCode« uses USB, a network or the RS232 interface.

Your time savings with »zidCode«*

45 %

*Comparison between »zidCode« and manual data entry when setting up 6 tools



Reduce the source of errors to zero


Intended for production without your own network. Offers quick introduction to the digital transfer of tool data.

»zidCode 4.0«

Intended for production facilities with their own network. Opens up additional options for greater efficiency with your tool data.

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