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Frequently asked questions

This depends on the geometry of the holder, the size of the clamping diameter and the taper size. While some standard holders are having 4.5 degrees, slim holders have 3 degrees. Depending on the type, a different temperature from 150˚C to 350˚C is used when shrinking the holder.

Steel, HSS, Carbide, heavy metals, powdered metal, shrink fit holder extensions.

With the the ZOLLER »powerShrink«, it is possible to monitor the tool holder heating cycles by using a unique tool holder ID number, e.g. the ZOLLER »idChip« Technology. Each cycle is monitored and counted in the »pilot« software.

It depends on the geometry of the tool holder and the clamping diameter. For small diameters 2 to 3 seconds, for large diameters 5 to 7 seconds.

ZOLLER offers two types: non-contact cooling systems with air cooling and cooling adapters. With cooling adapters, the cooling time is 60 to 120 seconds, depending on the tool diameter. With air cooling »Zstream«, the process is called conditioning, where the complete tool holder is cooled from the nose to the flange. The conditioning time here depends on the diameter of the holder and is 3 to 5 minutes.

This is not required. It can be installed in a dust-free area in the machine shop.

The concept is simple. Each shrink fit tool holder is manufactured with an inside diameter slightly smaller than the shank diameter of the cutting tool. A heat induction unit is used to quickly heat the nose area of the tool holder to expand the inside diameter. At this point, the cutting tool can be inserted into the tool holder. Then the tool holder is cooled and the diameter shrinks, exerting force on the shank of the cutting tool to hold it precisely in position.

When tool holders are shrunk without direct contact, the tool holder system is called non-contact cooling. For example, using cooling adapters or air cooling.

When a liquid is used to cool the tool holders after heating, the process is called quenching. The life of the holder will be reduced and the holder will rust if it continues to be used with liquids directly on the tool holder. The coolant becomes dirty after a short time and must be replaced, otherwise it will collapse and smell strongly and contain harmful ingredients that are dangerous to human skin.

Yes, this is possible with the ZOLLER »powerShrink 600« machine, where the 14 kVA induction coil and the 22 kVA induction coil can be easily exchanged via the quick-change interface.

Yes with »eQset« and »liteSet« adjustment system, it is possible to preset the overall length of the tool on the »powerShrink« machine.

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